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Ok, whew! That’s better. Sorry, but sometimes I need to keep the other personalities locked up so I can get things done. When the two of them are out at the same time, well, it gets chaotic. They shouldn’t bother us for a few minutes. We’ve got the time to get through this introduction. That said…

I wanted to welcome everyone to the 12inUniverse. That’s pronounced “twelve-inch universe.” The “in” is the abbreviation for “inch”. You’ve probably expected that already considering the small strip with the 12″ figures that preceded the post. Anyway, a big WELCOME to… Wait. Hold on. I said big. Did I not say big? Let’s try this again.

“Welcome to the 12inUniverse!”

Much better! Things tend to be a little chaotic around here. Speaking of chaotic, where’s my manners? I didn’t even introduce myself. My name is TK. You can think of me as the Spokestrooper for the site. I’ll be attempting to handle the blog portion while the other two guys try not to make a mess of things over on their Instagram pages. If you don’t know, there’s three Instagram accounts. I know. As if one wasn’t enough. There’s three now. The oldest account is AmericanTK and he looks an awful lot like a smaller version of me. If you want to see all kinds of Stormtroopery goodness, then you want to head to that account. The other guy is Small Brain and he’s in charge of showing you a behind-the-scenes view of how the props come to be over on 12inUniverse. Those two accounts are where the fun begins. The third account, OneSixthAssets, is a trophy room of sorts displaying the different bounties that have been caught. This is where you’ll see the Main Brain’s, figure collection. Don’t worry, you won’t see much of the Main Brain. He speaks through the three of us.

F***! No clue what that sound was, but it probably wasn’t good. So, this is where it all starts, and this is where I’ll end. Check out the Instagram accounts, but even more importantly, be sure to check out the blogs. You’ll find extra content you won’t see on Instagram. Be sure to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE and… hmph. I don’t even know if you can like or subscribe since this is the first post. I guess we’ll see what you can do after this is viewable.

Until the next post, I have spoken.