Meet the one-man show behind the helmet


(1:1 Scale)

“You don’t realize how many people you made smile that day and how much that meant to them.
You aren’t a villain, but a hero.”

Message received after walking around Houston during the early days of lockdown.

Super Trooper

Instead of writing about who I am, I thought I’d take a different approach and tell you why I am who I am.

At an early age, I recall driving down the highway, getting into deep thought with myself, and having these epiphanies wondering why things happened the way they did. Two of which would follow me from my late teens and become my truth. I’m not certain if everyone does this, but I wouldn’t be me had it not.

The first promise I made was that if I wanted to be treated fairly and not be discriminated against, then I needed to strive to treat others fairly and not discriminate either. It’s a simple notion and one everyone should embody. But it hits differently when your perception of yourself is of always being on the verge of being shunned.

The second promise was that I needed to experience as much as I could during life to fully live. This is likely why no matter how many years go by I’m actively trying new things to absorb more of this life energy.

These two promises have complimented each other. One with its sense of humanity and the other with experience via participation. The more you experience, the more you understand yourself. The more you understand yourself, the more you can understand your fellow troopers.

With each new day and each new experience, you evolve slightly. For me, the realization of the journey of change is just as important as the experience. It’s an added level of experience. Living the experience isn’t enough. You need to comprehend its impact. To know one without the other feels like you’ve used a cheat code to unlock an achievement you didn’t deserve.

So, this is why I am who I am. I’m this Trooper who wants a fair world where we all can live.