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When I saw the Barbie EV Two-Seater pop up on Amazon many months ago, I immediately thought of Mario Kart Double Dash. Most anytime I see a Smart car or even a Miata, I think of Double Dash. That is probably my favorite Mario Kart adventure. It got me thinking that I needed to repaint with a Nintendo theme. I started Googling Nintendo, Mario Kart and even Smart cars when I saw that someone had repainted a real Smart car in this manner. I didn’t think I could top the perfection they had created, but I didn’t want to completely mimic their efforts. I had to make it mine somehow.

I had just received this 1:6 Nintendo Switch in the mail from AliExpress and those colors popped. I knew I needed to incorporate those colors, the Bullet Bill body, but additionally give it a gamer feel. The end result would be a Limited-Edition Nintendo EV. I started working on my idea when I thought Mattel had missed a great opportunity. The charging station was made in a silvery gray color, but wouldn’t it have been more appropriate to make it green to play off Green Energy? But, since this was going to be a Nintendo edition, I chose Warp Pipe Green for my repaint. Just changing the color made it fit into place with the rest of my idea.

In the end, I decided to make the roof and interior reflect the Switch while adding some player motifs. Obviously, Player 1 is the driver since they are in control while Player 2 is the passenger. I also created a custom sticker for the dash. I hope you like the final product. I can’t wait to get another themed vehicle done this year based off one of my favorite Hanna-Barbera characters. I’ve already done Speed Buggy, so it’s not him! You’ll have to wait to see what it is!