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If you’re new to my Instagram, you probably already know that I like to repaint toys to make them either more realistic or at the very least less plastic-like. Additionally, I tend to get rid of anything pink on Barbie toys. But, in this case, I wanted to embrace the pink, but tone it down from that caustic magenta pink to something softer and less aggressive. I think Mattel has the wrong idea regarding colors. Yes, the magenta pink is striking, but by toning down the pink and accentuating it with black, the result can really pop the pink. It’s still the main color, but it doesn’t hurt your eyes to look at it!

Speaking about colors, show of hands, who here really wants purple seats with their magenta car and why is the windshield silver when the interior is already black? The reply I get from people after I do a repaint is that each color has a cost associated. This is true, but that doesn’t justify the insane color choices that are made. LOL! Technically, Mattel used magenta, purple, black, silver, and red (lights) to create their product. I used one less color (no purple) and, in my opinion, have produced a classic looking convertible that although pink wouldn’t mind jumping inside to run around town.

Luckily, this car can still do that despite its cost. I didn’t think it would work since they were only asking $10 for a 14-15-year-old car. I expected it to be a set piece, but after putting fresh batteries in, this Vette was headed to the track. Not only did it run, but the lights did, too! My only gripe with most RC toys in the Barbie line is the turning mechanism. This is one of those old-fashioned versions where to make a left or right turn, it needs to be put in reverse until it is facing the direction you want to head. (Cause that’s realistic!)

Anyway, I need to get going, so I can get to posting the project everyone is waiting for me to finish. Don’t forget to go visit 12inUniverse for all the behind the scenes photos and final images!