…is Houston’s Members-Only monthly sex party. Cum sweat with us on the third Saturday of each month! You could be part of the fun if you fit the demographics. Want to bust with the group? Read below and submit your info. Approved attendees will receive an EVITE within 24-48 hours!

(from 8pm thru 3am)
Saturday, May 21st

SEXCESS takes pride by not being like many other sex parties in the area. Participants describe it as “a sex-infused house party held at the United Nations.” To us, that’s a huge compliment because we want the atmosphere to be more like a group of friends having a blast together. SEXCESS owes its success to hosting chill guys with great attitudes and for being a party that includes all skin tones.

SEXCESS is a private party and we go to great lengths to keep the feel of the party consistent from one to the next. The demographic of the group tends to be gay/bi/straight males between the ages of 18-40 who have a fit to average build. This is stated upfront, so guys requesting can decide for themselves if they fit the group.

Are you a match? Familiarize yourself with the invitation process and we hope to see you soon!

Submit the following for review

Name, Email or Text to receive Evite, Age, Height, Weight and Position along with two pics. One pic should be of your face and the other a body pic showing the range between your neck and mid-thigh.

To understand why each item above is requested, please read the Q & A section.

Submit Info

Look for your invitation

If you’ve sent all of the requested information and you fit the group demographics, you will be receiving an invitation to the party! Invitations are sent out when a new party is announced and then reminders are sent closer to the actual date. Newly invited people receive an invitation upon approval.

Check your messages or spam for notifications saying EVITE, SEXCESS or a combination of the two.

Cum to the party

You’ll be greeted at the door and welcomed inside to join the rest of the guys if you’re recognized from the pics you’ve provided. If not, you’ll either be asked to verify your identity by your contact information and name or potentially asked to leave.

Please do not show up at the party with additional people. Everyone is held to the same process. Contact the host prior to arrival if needed.

Let’s Make Things Easy

We get it. You are probably horny and might not be thinking with your brain at the moment. It happens to all of us!

To make things easier to understand, here’s a curated list of regularly received inquiries along with the responses or reasonings.

Q – Why do we have to submit all of this information for an invite?
A – Everything being asked is for the betterment of the party and its attendees. There’s no exceptions to these basic requirements. If this is too much then this isn’t the party for you.

  • Name – Do you know how many people are going to reply if I just said “Hey, PowerBottom” or “Hey, BigDickTop” at the party? It’s high. It’s really high. You don’t have to use your real name, but be able to remember what you said if we have to verify your invite.
  • EMAIL or TEXT – The invitations get sent out via Evite. With the party listed on multiple sites, it is more efficient as host to have a common point of communication. Otherwise, I fear you may not get invited due to messages getting buried by others understanding this is a process. Also, once you get invited to one party, you’ll be in the system for future parties. See how that works!
  • AGE, HEIGHT & WEIGHT – This is part 1 of the Two-Factor Party Authorization process verifying the person requesting to attend if the same as the person who arrives at the door. You would be surprised how many people fail this portion by sending stats that in no way match with their pictures or at the door.
  • POSITION – Sex parties are all about balance. A party with all tops could be fun since I’m Vers, but a party with all bottoms sounds like a horrible idea for everyone involved.
  • FACE & BODY PICS – I use this for part 2 of the Two-Factor Party Authorization. If you show up looking nothing like your picture, it’s a red flag! If I can’t trust someone to send a picture of who they are, do you really think I’m going to trust them inside my house? No, I won’t.

Q – Do you share our pics? or Can we see the pics of those invited?
A – Short answer; Hell Nah! This is a private party and I do not share pics of people who may or may not end up attending. When people ask if they can see pics of the people invited I laugh in their face while replying with “No, Dude!” Also, here’s a rhetorical question for you. Why is it normally people with no profiles or pictures always the ones asking to see everyone’s pics?

Q – Can I bring a friend?
A – Of course, you can bring a friend. But, they or you need to still submit the info like you did. Also, the same outcome applies to them as anyone else who shows up and doesn’t look like their info.

Q – Is there a fee or cover charge?
A – No, there is not. Anyone suggesting there is any associated fee for entry is not affiliated with the event. This party has always been free ever since it was created in the Summer of ’19. If you enjoyed yourself and would like to “TIP” the host, that is always welcomed and appreciated. His information is located around the food and beverage stations.

Q -How many guys are going to be there? or Do you know who is attending?
A – I would absolutely LOVE to know this answer! It would be great because I could stop going through the requests since I would have the clairvoyance to know if you were actually going to arrive or not. Alas, I am not, so I can only speculate on a number. Past parties were steady at 30 guys!

Q – What goes on at the parties?
A – If you ask me this question online I’m assuming you just want to talk about it and possibly jerk-off while I answer. If you really want to know the answer, I suggest stepping outside of your comfort zone and attending one. Seriously, you already know what goes on and you might want to read the next question/answer combo.

Q – I’ve never been to one before. Do you have any advice for newbies?
A – Yes! Come as close to the beginning of the start time as possible. Why? You’ll feel more at ease being there as people show up rather than walking into a large number of guys. Plus, it gives you time to have a drink or six and relax. Either way, let me know if this is your first group. I’ll keep an eye out for you while you’re attending and make sure you’re doing ok.

Q – How is the party setup?
A – There are multiple play areas consisting of the living room, master bedroom, bathrooms and the new playroom with the sling. The rest of the house has signs posted if you aren’t allowed inside a certain area. The kitchen is primarily a fuck-free zone as there are drinks being served along with food. Other than that, you arrive and are asked to strip down to underwear to set the mood. I suggest bringing a small shoulder bag to keep your clothes and personal items together.

Q – Will people respect my limits? or What is the expected behavior?
A – Yes, they will. If you’ve read this far on the page, you should realize that I like people to have fun and I don’t like bullshit. Anyone who attends knows that if someone says they aren’t interested or have had enough, it means they should move along. Otherwise, they will be moving out… of the party.

Q – Is this a safe or bareback party?
A – This is a no judgement party. As host, I provide a fun atmosphere and make sure I’m available to you during the party. My responsibilities end at that point. What you do and with whom is between you and that person or persons. There is lube provided and condoms, but I’m not there to police. I say no judgement because I know people on both sides of the equation who try to guilt others. Anyone giving shade of any sort should expect karma to be repaid by not being invited in the future.

Q – What is your drug policy?
A – In order to provide a safe environment with minimal risks involved to you and myself, there are no drugs allowed at the party. Please do not bring any illegal substances to use at or inside the party. There will be alcoholic drinks provided and you may bring/use poppers. This is the way.

Q – Do you allow Transexuals, Females, Cross Dresser, Wives, Girlfriends to attend the party?
A – The expectation of those invited is that there will be males who look and function as males at the party. Therefore, this party would not be a match for those falling outside that expectation. (There may be a separate event planned in the future where this would be a possibility. Keep checking the SEXCESS Twitter account for any future announcements.)

Q – Can I just come, watch and hang out?
A – Of course, you can. But, you will still need to go through the invitation process and be approved. I’d much rather you take a more active role and participate, but I’m down with it.

Q – Can we record? or Will people be recording? or Do you record what is happening at the party?
A – Yes and No. I will block off an area for people who want to record themselves. All people involved in the interaction need to be in agreement prior to recording. If others don’t mind being recorded as spectators, they may go into the blocked off area, too. Other than during those blocked off periods, anyone caught recording will be asked to leave. Additionally, I ask you to tag the SEXCESS Twitter account if you post anything online. As far as other recording going on, I do not have any active cameras being used to record what is happening, so your privacy is respected.

Q – Any other tips or advice?
A – Yes!!! I say this with sincerity and anger. If you are or plan to bottom, be certain to take care of your business before attending. As a precaution, bring supplies in case you think your cleanliness status may have changed at any point. The bathrooms are available for touchups in that area. I understand that accidents happen. So does removal from the guest list if it becomes a thing.