25 05, 2020

Star Wars Day 2020 – State of the Universe Part 3

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Today, we conclude the "State of the Universe" with a look at television series. Yes, there's a lot more Star Wars out there including comics and books, but honestly after reading most of what is now called Legacy, I opted out. Legacy was all that we had between Return of the Jedi and The Phantom Menace to keep the universe alive, so when it all got thrown out of canon, well, I put down the books. Instead, let's look at something that I've been hoping and wishing for since leaving the theater after seeing "Return of The Jedi" on opening day. LIVE-ACTION TELEVISION Keeping this post grounded in the perspective of Star Wars which 43 years ago today opened in 32 theaters across the United [...]

6 05, 2020

Star Wars Day 2020 – State of the Universe Part 2

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If I didn't lose you in Part 1... WELCOME BACK! For Part 2, I'm discussing the animated world of Star Wars. I'm making the case that the animation world mirrors what was discussed in the previous post. I've got a bad feeling about this… ANIMATION Star Wars animation has been the shining star in the galaxy since "The Clone Wars" was released. It filled in the storyline, developed characters and introduced us to new ideas, worlds and even plains of existence. The incredible storytelling had us coming back to each new episode despite knowing the eventful outcome of our Jedi friends. TCW was the first animated Star Wars series that had substance and wasn't just a hodgepodge of mayhem with a happy ending. (Although, I'm [...]

4 05, 2020

Star Wars Day 2020 – State of the Universe Part 1

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In these uncertain times where the world continues to have opposed views with each other it can get a little overwhelming. No, I'm not talking about the uncertainty that COVID has brought to our lives. I'm talking about the other virus; The Disney Virus. It's taken hold of Star Wars and has squeezed the Force from the IP and left a hot stinking pile of sequel trilogy poodoo. Films Five films have been released to date. Three have been part of the sequel trilogy and two as standalone stories. We've learned a few interesting tidbits from my certain point of view. You may see it differently and that's fine. Even scoundrels should have their voices heard. Firstly, Disney was more concerned with distancing themselves from [...]

1 05, 2020

tick tock What You Waiting For? tick tock

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Life's been real and the DNA of my family has changed over the years. Speaking of years, where the fuck did, they go? It feels like one day I was in the middle of a sleepover at my grandparent's house and the next I'm sitting on the couch alone in my home. tick tock I was driving down the road at age 19 or 20. I remember saying to myself that I wanted to have as many experiences as I possibly could in life and not compromise while doing it. I figured this was the only way to understand its meaning. Little did I know that I would learn less about its meaning but understand myself more thoroughly. tick tock But who am I to [...]

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