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Who Am I?

With each new day and each new experience, I’m learning more about who I am and from where I’ve come. As I write more and reflect on past experiences, I’m realizing the changes or progression of where I am today. For me, the realization of the journey is equally as important as knowing who you are. To know one without knowing the other seems like you’ve cheated yourself. Who am I? My best answer would be that I’m someone who is constantly a work in progress and who grows with each new experience. This is likely why no matter how many years go by I’m actively trying new things to absorb more of what I call “life energy”.

I’ve had conversations with myself at a young age where I was driving alone. I’m sure you’ve been in at least one of those situations. You’re driving down the highway and you get into deep thought on whatever topic. Eventually, you wonder why things are the way they are and you determine what will be your truth. I’ve lived many of those epiphanies since. As you might expect, one was that you need to experience as much as you can during your life to fully live. Another was that if I, as a gay male, wanted to be treated fairly and not be discriminated against, then I needed to be sure to treat others fairly and not discriminate either.

I could spend time telling you all about how I’m a Star Wars fan or that I’m gay or go on and on about how my dogs are my world. But, you aren’t really going to see me in a meaningful way. The best way for you to know who I am would be to read my blog as new posts appear and take the sum of those passages to get a fuller picture. Then, maybe then, you might start to scratch the surface.

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