Umm, pardon me. Sorry. Before we start, let me take a second to talk about the elephants in the room. Wait, did I say elephants as in plural? Yeah, I did. You see. To understand the reasoning behind the hashtag, you need to understand what prompted it in the first place. So, hang in there while the light shines brightly on these pachyderms.

You see, the first elephant represents all the people out there who constantly tell others what they should or shouldn’t be doing with their own property; their dolls and figures. Maybe some of you have received messages. The ones telling you that you shouldn’t dress your dolls a certain way, shouldn’t put them into the different scenarios you do, or even more blatantly that your dolls are just TOO gay. To hear this, you probably think these messages only come from members of the One Million Moms, but surprisingly a lot of the comments come from within the LGBTQ community. Who would think a gay dude who plays with dolls would tell other gay dudes how they should be playing with them? If you think it sounds hypocritical, ignorant, or even entitled, well, I think you’re right which is the first reason for starting this hashtag. The second elephant is because most of the people just mentioned have one thing in common. They have hang-ups. They either don’t know anything other than the vanilla-ist of vanilla intercourse or are extremely uncomfortable with their own sexuality that they want to impose their Rated G guidelines on anyone who makes them confront those uncomfortable feelings. Of course, it could be for any reason they do this. I’m not trying to be specific, but state possible examples for their behavior. There you have it. That’s what prompted the creation of #HumpDay4Dolls.

I’ve not been one who likes being told what I can or can’t do. In my best Leslie Gore voice, “You don’t own me.” Creating pictures via dolls and figures is a form of expression and I believe you need to continue expressing yourself whenever someone tries to censor. I’m not going to allow someone to think they’ve beaten me by stopping what I do. I’m not making pictures for them and I’m surely not here to entertain them. I do this for myself because I enjoy the escapism, the act of creating and enjoy bringing smiles to people’s faces who do enjoy my posts. But ultimately, I do this for me and then share w/ the universe.


Therefore, I’ve created #HumpDay4Dolls to take a stand against those elephants. If you’d like to join, I’d love to have you. It’s simple to participate!

  • Postings should occur on Wednesdays and should bring out the sexual or sensual side of your dolls!
    • You decide your content within the Instagram limitations
    • You can be as mild or as bold as you want to with your depictions
  • One Wednesday a month there is a specific theme!
    • Schedule is posted below
    • Feel free to send to a friend
  • Use #HumpDay4Dolls for your posts!
    • This way I can more easily spotlight your posts in my story
    • Due to time zones, you might be posting before or after my Wednesday starts/begins, be patient, I’ll get to ya