We’re eight days into the New Year and probably many of those who made a resolution are back to their previous lives. Their new gym shoes are in the closet and that new cookbook is in the back of the cabinet already collecting dust. Because so many people fail to reach their outcome, resolutions have become not much more than a punchline. This is the way when desire and imagining your outcome aren’t matched by willpower. Luckily, I didn’t make one this year. Instead, I have things listed that I want to make happen this year to have a happier life.

The only item on my list that pertains to this website/blog/Instagram accounts is the frequency of posts. I’m pleased to say that I am nine days into 2022 and I’m staying on target. I’ve increased the number of posts to my Instagram accounts. Because the nine posts are spread out among three accounts, you might not notice a change, but I can assure you that is the case. It probably would have taken me three months to make nine posts previously. There’s another eighteen lined up for January which might be the total that I posted all last year on my main account. I even created a schedule of sorts to keep me on track.

12inUniverse – Posting every other week on Mondays-Wednesdays
AmericanTK – Posting (minimum) every other week Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays
OneSixthAssets – Posting weekly on Tuesdays-Thursdays

This has been a couple months in the making to get to this point. I cleaned up the website in the Fall to eliminate the excuse of not being ready to post. I divided up my Instagram by creating the other two accounts to keep timelines organized. Once I got done of the things keeping me from creating or writing, it allowed me the time to try new things. Heck, I’ve even posted on my blog and have some process posts coming up on how I transformed some toys and found items into 1/6th scale props!

Surrounding myself with imagery is a motivation of mine. This Imperial Troop picture was taken at Buffalo Bayou Park and I’ve titled it “Our Goal Is Within Reach.” It’s a rallying cry to keep moving forward and not to give up.  I feel a sense of what-could-be with one trooper standing next to another gesturing outward as if to say, “Our destination is over there. Our goal is within reach.” The third trooper looks out in the same direction. You know they’re going to continue forward to reach their goal and so am I. Nothing is going to stop us now.

I look forward to a great 2022. MTFBWY!