Today, we conclude the “State of the Universe” with a look at television series. Yes, there’s a lot more Star Wars out there including comics and books, but honestly after reading most of what is now called Legacy, I opted out. Legacy was all that we had between Return of the Jedi and The Phantom Menace to keep the universe alive, so when it all got thrown out of canon, well, I put down the books. Instead, let’s look at something that I’ve been hoping and wishing for since leaving the theater after seeing “Return of The Jedi” on opening day.


Keeping this post grounded in the perspective of Star Wars which 43 years ago today opened in 32 theaters across the United States. If trilogies are based in a 3-stage approach to storytelling with setup, conflict and redemption, this means that part 3 of this blog series is indeed about redemption. For me, that’s what happened and allowed me to enjoy the Star Wars universe again.

Last year in the Fall of 2019, we finally got a glimpse into the live-action world of Star Wars with the release of “The Mandalorian.” There was finally something that wasn’t so divisive amongst fans. For the most part, this show has been a hit with hardcore fans, everyday fans and even garnered some new fans along the way. Star Wars was alive and well again.

The chaos of the past five years that was the sequel trilogy dumpster fire had been extinguished. Where once the fandom seemed to shy away from the prequel trilogy, the sequel trilogy took its place as the redheaded stepchild. If you don’t believe me, look at what era the current slate of live-action television shows take place.

  • The Madalorian – Post-ROTJ (very much Pre-TFA)
  • Cassian Andor series – Pre-ANH (very much Post-ROTS)
  • Obi-Wan series – Post-ROTS (Pre-ANH)

For now, most of these shows fall closer to the OT timeline. It’s no coincidence. It’s support to my theory that Disney knows how horribly they failed with the sequels. They are betting on their streaming service for profits, so they are going to cash-in where the demand centers. That’s not the sequel trilogy, but the original trilogy with some prequel trilogy added in as well because it can.

Part 3’s story of redemption is about returning the universe back to an era where the stories flourished. It’s where the well of Star Wars exists and feeds the system. By the way, we’re all part of that system and why shows like The Mandalorian will do well. Because we will drink it all up.┬áThis is the way and I have spoken.