12inUniverse: Expanding into Unknown Territories

From the whimsical to the biographical, the past to the future and so much more, AmericanTK is bringing it all to 12inUniverse. The new content comes together with the old for the ultimate 6th scale and life-size experience. Join us on a tiny trip with big experiences. Adventure awaits!



Your favorite gay stormtrooper continues to explore, celebrate and interact with the world around him. Ready yourself for more Couch Scenes and Classic Advertising entries along with new collaborations and playful anecdotes. AmericanTK has some of his best creations on the horizon. Make sure you’re there to see it!



This Trooper needs a help meeting people. He has a stable career, a car, a home and three of the best dogs a fur daddy could want. He’s a man in uniform. What more could you want? Have you seen the way that helmet shines? Depending on what guys have to offer, he’s broken them down to four types; Chosen One, Nerf Herder, Scoundrel and Rebelscum.



Read a spectrum of thoughts on a multitude of topics. You’ll step inside the mind of a nerdy gay stormtrooper. What’s he going to release onto the HoloNet next? It could be anything. Place your bets you’ll be reading about his sex-capades, everyday anecdotes, geek culture, politics and so much more!