12inUniverse Expansion & Consolidation:
Three Sides Of An Interconnected Instagram

Breaking out the main Instagram account into three feels like a no-brainer after the fact. With three different sides to my hobby, it was the only way forward to convey the unique messages each possess. Not doing this was hindering me from posting what I wanted because it would detract or not fit into the account being posted. Having them unite under the main website did make sense though. Each of the accounts at its core centered on a 12 inch universe. Click any of the three images in the section directly below to be taken to their associated accounts.

Find posts celebrating a diverse range of characters and situations among one of a kind (OOAK) creations and fresh repaints. This account is more mainstream and oriented towards the doll community. It includes everything and anything that doesn’t relate to AmericanTK and his shenanigans. In other words, more fleek… less geek.

The OG account that started it all. AmericanTK, the gay stormtrooper that is finding his way through life on Earth. Whether it’s everyday life, dating or trying to relax away from his dogs, AmericanTK hopes to put a smile on your face with his stories. This account also includes his tributes to Pop Culture of the past and present.

If you’ve come to this account to peruse pictures of figures taken from their boxes and displayed behind glass, well, you came to the right place. But that’s only the half of it. I also take the troops, scavengers, aliens, droids, et al outside to be in their own scenarios and/or missions that are true to their character. We would be honored if you would join us.